Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

HoPe It WaS sPooKtAcUlAr!!
 This was Bean's first beggars night so we wanted to make sure she had the full experience. Costume? Check. Trick-or-Treak bag? um....(I did throw that one together last minute with fuzzy fabric, safety pins and ribbon) Check. Trick? well, I did look one up just in case we get asked so, Check. Destination? Grandma n' Grandpa's, daycare & neighbors. In all, that's about 5 houses.

We started with the costume. I love those striped tights!
 She didn't mind the costume and loved her final look! See that big smile?
 Bean was totally in character and even moved like a ladybug on all fours! Bean liked looking in her little bag when treats were placed inside. She didn't smile a whole lot on our trick-or-treating adventure but she was very patient and loved watching all the other children walk about the neighborhood.

We had to have a photo of Daddy and Bean on this momentous evening!

....and I really wanted one too!!


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