Thursday, November 10, 2011

Photos of the Bean-ster

This is Bean's first fall so I just had to get some cute photos of her in a warm sweater playing in the leaves. It also gave me a chance to work on my photography skill.

A few weeks ago the weather was beautiful and the leaves were still very colorful. So, I took Bean outside to play in the leaves. She, of course, had to inspect the leaves and figure out why in the world these things were making so much noise every time she moved! After her approval, we had some fun.

(Enjoy the photos Grammy and Grandee!)

As the holidays near, I'm thinking about the traditions I want to start for my own growing family. I'm thinking one of our Thanksgiving traditions can be a 'Jar of Thanks'. Every day between now and Thanksgiving I'm going to write down one thing I'm thankful for (I'll see if I can convince Hubby to as well) and place it into a jar; then, on Thanksgiving, we can read them aloud. Bean can't tell us much in words at this point but I will still ask her and make sure we put something in the jar on her behalf.

Enjoy fall and all the wonderful things that come with it!


  1. These pictures are wonderful !

  2. patricia bognanno12/1/11, 1:27 PM

    I love the fall pics of Isla :-)

  3. If I were to put something in the "Jar of Thanks" I'd be very thankful for a daughter-in-love who is a great mom and an all around good person ! We are very blessed to have you in the family Steph !