Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Birthday Celebration

It's been over a month since my last post so I have a lot to catch you up on. I'm anxious to share all the projects I've been doing for the birthday and holidays that are now upon us.

Many fun events have occurred over the last few months but let me start with the most important one. My little Bean turned 1!! Where does the time go? Her first year has gone so fast. My baby is growing. I'm such a proud mama!

In my last post I made a banner for her party and didn't show you the final product. Well, as promised here it is:

Her party was a Winnie the Pooh themed party. Complete with a 100 Acre Woods sign, Tiggers Terrific Lasagna, Kangas Fruit Kabobs, Poohs Lemon Honeycombes and Rabbits Garden Salad.

When it came to eating the cake, she was very cautious but quickly realized how tasty it was. She probably would have ate all the sugar bees on the cake if we didn't pull her away to open gifts.

We had such a great time watching her open presents and eat her cake. She loved looking at those tissue paper balls I had hanging from the ceiling. I was kind of fascinated with them too. They turned out great and only took 3 materials to make: Tissue paper, fishing line, & hooks.

I took a stack of about 20 sheets of tissue paper then folded it similar to a fan (1 inch folds back and forth until you have all the tissue folded.
 From there you use the fishing line to tie around the center of the tissue (above: where my finger is at).  Ensure it's snug but don't tighten it too tight or you could cut through the tissue paper. I then used scissors to cut the ends to a point or rounded edge. After securing the center I turned the tissue paper on it's side and began to pull up one piece of tissue at a time on each side (see below).

After Beans birthday then I really focused in on making more gifts for friends and family for the Christmas holiday. In my next post I'll update you on what those gifts are and how to make them. :) Talk at you soon!

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